Hōlt – Collective of Northern Relief printers

Information: Wijke van der Bij, Paviljoenstraat 16, 9001 BR Grou, tel. 0566-622704

Hōlt is a cooperation of artists from the three Northern provinces of The Netherlands, founded in 1998. Within this group, the participants focus on making relief prints by using both modern as well as old fashioned relief printing techniques. The members experiment with new methods and materials, exchange both knowledge and experiences and organise exhibitions together. Relief printing is a graphic technique where higher parts of a flat surface are printed on paper.

A relief print is made by using a piece of flat wood or other firm material such as linoleum. The picture is printed in reverse on the flat surface of the chosen material. Parts of the surface are being cut out – those parts that do not need to be printed. After this, higher parts of the surface are enrolled with ink and printed on paper. The printing process can be done either by hand, by the round side of a spoon or with a printing press.

Tineke van den Berg

Rembrandtlaan 5
the Netherlands
tel. +31 35-5823559
e-mail: tinekevandenb(AT)gmail.com

Galerie Inkt
Choorstraat 29, Delft
tel +31 15-213 86 50

Kunstzaal Leo van Heijningen
Noordeinde 152, Den Haag
tel +31 70-345 90 53